4 Occasions to Wear Long Prom Dresses

Formal gowns are often referred to as long prom dresses – but they can have many uses outside of a high school dance. Long prom dresses are categorized as any formal gown which has a floor length skirt. These gowns may be made from chiffon, tulle, satin, silk, or any combination of other fabrics. The cuts and styles vary greatly, and each has its own occasions which it can be worn for. To get the most use out of your dress, here are four other occasions you can wear long prom dresses for.

  1. Evening wedding. Many evening weddings require formal attire. While it might not be a black and white event, you will still want to wear an elegant gown. For a wedding, any type of long dress that is simple and free for frills and jewels can be the perfect choice.
  2. Sweet 16/ Quincinera. Coming of age parties often require more formal attire. Fun and flirty fashion for prom dresses are the perfect option for this underage crowd. Consider dresses that have beadwork, rhinestone details, or flirty skirts for a look that is just as playful as you.
  3. Art Events. From the opera to orchestra to art gallery openings – there is never a shortage of events centered around the performing arts. Guests of all ages flock to these events in their finest gowns for an evening of fun and shared passion. If you live in a larger city, wearing a former prom dress can be the easiest way to dress up for this occasion.
  4. Holiday/Business Parties. When the holiday season rolls around, there are parties on every weekend. Dress yourself the best without having to add to your wardrobe by picking up a prom dress that is versatile enough to wear for any occasion. Convertible dresses are one of the best options as they can be style different ways for different looks that you will love.